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Undress the Mess

An Ugly Sweater Christmas



How much is too much? It’s a good question to ask any time of year, but particularly at Christmas. It’s a time of year when many people “over-do it”. Eat, drink, and be merry. Maxed out credit cards, overscheduled calendars, most of it in search of great family moments and the elusive “Christmas spirit”- a feeling of warmth, satisfaction, and well-being. But how much is too much?

Perhaps one of the most disappointing moments is when we get that one thing, or that one moment, that we’ve been chasing after or waiting for, and we realize it still isn’t enough to make us happy, fill us up, give our lives the meaning and purpose we’ve been looking for.

The good news for us is that Christianity doesn’t just promise to take us to heaven when life is over. It’s also the promise of transformation of our current life. For those of us struggling with overindulgence, for ourselves and our loved ones, the power of the Gospel is its ability to move us from overindulgence to contentment, to be satisfied regardless of our circumstances and to find our heart’s deepest fulfillment in Christ alone.

As we worship and celebrate today, may the joy and peace of Christ be your own.

Nate Speerbrecker  


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