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mark - A journey with jesus

"Jesus Doesn’t Fit in Your Box"


After Jesus began His public ministry it didn’t take long for Him to become noticed. Crowds of people in Galilee and Capernaum were amazed by His teaching and healing powers. However, the religious leaders, scribes and Pharisees were threatened by Jesus teaching and huge following. As a result, they began to question and challenge Him. They were appalled that this new Rabbi, Jesus, wasn’t following all their manmade rules and traditions. His was challenging their power, control and very way of life. Jesus didn’t fit in their box!

What does this mean to us? Being a disciple of Jesus is life changing! As we faithfully follow Jesus, He calls us to leave the ways of our old life behind. In place we live new lives following Him. We learn firsthand that Jesus doesn’t fit in our box. He makes all things new! 

Pastor Craig