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Jesus 101

Extreme Forgiver

So far in our “Jesus 101” sermon series, we have learned that Jesus is a “Relentless Lover” and “Truth Revealer.” This week’s worship service will highlight how Jesus is the “Extreme Forgiver” as we see Him ministering to a woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11).

Have you recently been struggling with guilt, remorse, shame and letting loose yesterday’s sins? Today’s message is for you. Has it been difficult releasing bottled up offenses and forgiving others lately? May the forgiveness, mercy and love that flow from Calvary’s cross empower us to be more merciful today!

Perhaps you have run across this saying: “Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future.” As saints (believers in Jesus Christ) it is encouraging to periodically remember the past pits from which Jesus found and rescued us. As repentant sinners, we know the grace of God is always greater than our failures and flaws. Thus, we can’t wait for the glorious future guaranteed by trusting in our crucified and risen Savior Jesus.

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus for helping me face my sin; for forgiving me fully; and for challenging me to live the brand-new life that You have designed for me. Amen 

Pastor Keith 

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