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CH_ _ CH.  What’s missing?  U R!  Sometimes we like to be in and with a group and at other times we like to be alone.  But when it comes to accomplishing important tasks, we’re “Better Together.”  Together we can lift more, accomplish more and “be” more.  As a church, we the Partners in Ministry of Family of Christ, have gathered together because we are “Better Together.”  We can be more, do more and feel connected when we’re together.  We’re just better, together.  We are members and staff.  We are really better together, especially and we support one another with our gifts.  We’re just better together!

Family of Christ is a large church.  So some people come here because of the many and varied activities we offer here.  Some join because of our spirited worship services.  Others belong because we offer many programs for nurturing youth and families.  Still others come here because they can hide-out and hope no one will ask them to participate or contribute.  And great numbers of people don’t come or join at all.  A recent survey reveals that only 17% of Americans attend weekly worship.  Think of how much more we could accomplish if others would come and add their energies to ours!

In Romans 12, the Apostle Paul repeats a common theme of the New Testament.  Each of us has been given talents and abilities. . . .he calls  them gifts.  God has carefully distributed these gifts so the church – which Paul calls “the Body of Christ,” will fit together well and function marvelously.  So, Paul concludes, “Let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be!”     

    Feeling less significant the ear might say because I’m not an eye I don’t belong to the body.  1 Corinthians 12:16.  But aren’t both equally important to the daily life and functioning of our bodies?   What if our whole body was an eye or an ear?  How well could we function in certain other tasks? 

During the weeks ahead we will be challenged to consider how, like pieces of a puzzle, we fit together.  “Let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be!”     

 Pastor Bruce Frederickson

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