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Prayer (Unanswered Prayer) 

As we continue to focus on prayer today during our November theme on prayer, at some point we can’t ignore the reality that some times our prayers aren’t answered . . . at least the way we would like for them to be answered.  So, what do you do with what seems to be “unanswered prayer”? 

I hope you will find the words of today’s choir anthem as reassuring as I do.  Listen closely to the words as the choir sings and note especially these words:

 When Your silence is unbroken, 
though my prayer ascends each day,
Keep my faith from failing in the face of long delay . . .
When You wait in gracious wisdom,
And my doubts begin to rise,
I recall Your loving kindness and I lift my eyes.
While Your hand withholds the answer,
I will not withhold my heart;
I will love You in Your silence,
I will trust You in the dark. 

The words of this song echo the words of every heart when in response to our prayers it seems as if God’s silence is “unbroken.”  And yet may we pray that as God waits to respond to our prayers, we will nevertheless “love Him in His silence and trust Him in the dark.”  May those words also be our prayer!

Pastor Goff (Connections article 11/18/2012)

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