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"How to make a Monster listen"

"god owns it all"

Have you ever borrowed something from someone and kept it for years? After a while, it becomes difficult to remember whose it is. Our text this morning reminds us that the earth belongs to God, including everything and everyone on it.

When we approach money and possessions from this perspective — that it all belongs to God — suddenly it’s much easier to make the monsters of greed, coveting and materialism listen.  In addition, knowing God not only has created us, but also has purchased us with His blood on Calvary’s cross, empowers us to faithfully manage and use whatever God entrusts to us in God-pleasing and glorifying ways.

Ultimately, what should our response to God be? Here’s a tip: a small view of God = a small God.  A big view of God = untold blessings. 

Pastor Keith