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Catching Vision - Faith And Vision


What do you do when your heart is broken over a major need, problem or concern? What broken wall is confronting you? Nehemiah was deeply concerned about the condition of Jerusalem. But he didn’t just mope and brood over it. Instead, he poured out his heart to God in prayer and looked for ways to improve the situation. He used all of his knowledge, experience and leadership to plan and determine what should be done. Then Nehemiah stepped out in faith and boldly asked permission to go to Jerusalem to make a difference. Amazingly, the king not only consented, but also furnished all the supplies Nehemiah needed.

This week we’ll discover that when the Lord nudges us to step out of our comfort zones to accomplish His God-sized visions, first pray for the strength to obey. Then trust that nothing is too difficult for God. When He puts something in our hearts to do, He goes to work behind the scenes to ensure that it happens. Will we trust and take action in His time?

Pastor Keith

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