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Back to School - Home Ec.

When people are asked to describe an instance in their life when God really stretched their faith, they’ll often talk about a time when they volunteered to participate in a ministry, service project or mission trip. In some way they were actively involved in something greater than themselves. Maybe at first they were hesitant to say “yes” because they didn’t feel adequately equipped or wondered if they had the necessary time to commit. But for some reason, they felt the Holy Spirit’s nudge to accept the opportunity. So they did. Not only did it positively impact the lives of the people they served, but their own lives were changed as well. In other words, there is a direct correlation between our faith and our involvement in ministry
and service.

As we go “Back to School” in today’s worship service, our class subject will be Home Economics. As we hear how Jesus unconventionally prepared and served a meal to thousands of people in a wilderness, may we be motivated to move outside of our comfort zones to boldly serve others and simultaneously see our faith grow.

Pastor Keith


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