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Proverbs - Wise up about temptation

As we continue to “Wise Up about Life” as we go through the Book of Proverbs, today we’re going to discover how the Lord feels about temptation and adultery. The Lord knows that no home is made stronger by unfaithfulness. No children are made happier because someone broke his/her vows. Search the pages of history and see if you can find one positive benefit of unfaithfulness. I submit it cannot be done. It wrecks homes, destroys lives, harms children and ruins reputations.

Yet temptation can catch any of us off guard. God’s people sometimes do commit adultery. If we think we are immune to any and all sins, we are foolish. So how do we guard our hearts and prepare ourselves to confront and overcome temptation?

Today’s worship service will reinforce how Jesus’ grace covers the sin of adultery and helps His repentant followers work through the fallout that results from their sin. God, in Christ, washes us clean from the inside out! Will you let Him? Will you then extend His forgiveness to those whose actions have hurt you?

Pastor Keith

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