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As we prepare to launch new Life Groups this fall at Family of Christ, we would like to answer some of the most common questions people have about Life Groups.

  • What is a Life Group? Life Groups are groups of couples and individuals who commit to gathering together on a regular basis (weekly or every other week) to grow spiritually, connect relationally, and serve intentionally.

  • How do Life Groups get started? Beginning August 30, we will have registration forms available. You can fill out the time & day of the week you would like to meet, what age & stage of life you are in, and then we will get you connected with others who filled out similar information. You can meet each other and decide whether or not you would like to start a group together. You can also start to think and pray about other individuals or couples you would like to be in a group with, and invite them to join you.

  • When & Where do Life Groups meet? You decide. Seriously, you decide what time and day works best for you. We recommend that groups rotate between the homes of those in the group, but coffee shops and restaurants also work.

  • What about child care? For families of younger children, we recommend one babysitter per group to watch the kids in another area of your home while you meet. If there are babysitters in your neighborhood who you usually use, work with them. We also have a number of Middle School and High School students we could connect you with. We recommend paying these students $10 per week, and rotate paying between families.

  • I’m already in a bible study. Do I need to join something new as well? Probably not. Most of our bible studies are really Life Groups with another name. Remember, Life Groups are committed to growing spiritually, connecting relationally, and serving intentionally. If your group is doing these things, you’re set. If your group needs help growing in any of these areas, we will help you in any way we can.

  • What do Life Groups do when they meet? Every group is unique, but a typical gathering lasts 1.5-2 hours. The breakdown is:

    • 15-30 minutes: Social- hanging out, snacks, checking in with each other

    • 45 minutes- 1 hour: Study- Every week we will provide a study based on Sunday’s message. If you prefer, we also have a number of resources if you would like to explore a particular interest: ex.- Parenting, Marriage, Finances, Prayer.

    • 15-30 Minutes: Prayer- We pray for each other, prayer requests for others, needs in our community and church

  • What if the other people in my group are weird? At least you won’t be the only one.

If you have any questions, please contact Nate Speerbrecker (763-434-7337 x228 or nspeerbrecker@foclutheran.org) or Nicole Heyer (763-458-2584 or nikih8642@yahoo.com).

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