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Apologetics - Is Jesus the Only Way to heaven?

We live in a world surrounded by God’s glorious creation. We see the true splendor of nature in mountains, lakes, animals, trees and flowers. We see the many acts of love and generosity perpetuated by our fellow human beings. Most of all we see the amazing love of our Heavenly Father in Christ our risen Savior, and we sometimes just say, Wow!

But there’s another aspect of living in this world that we also see all too often and all too clearly. We see pain, suffering and evil in this world on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s because of an event or disaster that affects others and sometimes it’s because circumstances are directly affecting us. But the inescapable truth is that against the backdrop of God’s beautiful creation, the brokenness of this world is on full display, and sometimes we just say, Why?

This week in our sermon series titled: “Sure Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions” we’ll address a frequently asked question in today’s world: “Why Would a Good God Allow Evil and Suffering to Exist?” It’s important for us to have an answer to that question. How would you answer it for yourself? More importantly, how would you answer it if asked by somebody else? This week we’ll explore God’s Word for answers to this challenging question. Please come and join us!

 Craig Quiring

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