Genuine Jesus - I AM king

Palm Sunday, the day on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  This day has been described by Christians for generations as the “triumphal entry into Jerusalem.” But, have you ever asked yourself, “If this was a triumphal entry, then why did they crucify Jesus at the end of the week?” What could cause such a drastic reversal?

Were they disappointed that Jesus didn’t conquer and throw out the hated Roman occupiers? Probably. But Jesus didn’t come to establish an earthly political kingdom. Instead, He came to change our hearts and save us from our sins by His death and resurrection.

Where would you have been on that first Palm Sunday? Among the disciples who welcomed Jesus — or among the skeptical crowds? It’s easy to condemn those who rejected Jesus — but would we have acted any differently? Gratefully, God still loves us. Because of Christ’s willing sacrifice of Himself on Calvary’s cross, we are fully forgiven. “Christ died for sins once for all… to bring you to God” (I Peter 3:18). What can we do today to share His love and forgiveness with others? 

Pastor Keith 

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