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The Story - Jesus' Ministry Begins


Jesus wasn’t doing what John the Baptist expected. His ministry wasn’t unfolding as quickly or effectively as John had envisioned. Meanwhile, John was languishing and struggling in prison -- where King Herod Antipas had placed him about a year earlier. So John started having doubts and questions. What if Jesus wasn’t the Messiah? What if John had somehow gotten it all wrong?

Have you been confused about something Jesus is doing in your life? Have you been disappointed recently because the Lord isn’t answering your prayers as swiftly or completely as you desired? Today as we review chapter 23 of The Story, hopefully we will learn and apply the following pattern utilized by John the Baptist:

  • He asked the right person (Jesus).
  • He asked the right question (Jesus, are you the one?).
  • He got the right answer (Jesus’ words and miracles confirmed He was the promised Savior).

When we have doubts and questions, instead of turning away from Jesus, we turn to Him for comfort and direction.

Prayer: Jesus, when we struggle with doubts and unfulfilled hopes, remind us of Your presence, promises and power that assure us of Your saving love. Amen

Pastor Keith