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David - The Untold Stories 

"When Dreams Can’t Come True”


 Life rarely goes the way we plan or anticipate. Consequently some of our dreams can’t come true. And when our dreams don’t seem to be unfolding the way we hoped, there is this internal sense of panic and anger. After all, God you owe me because I played by the rules. I did everything right. I raised them right. I behaved. I waited. So God, why are You granting someone else my wish?!

 This week as we study the account of King David and his son Absalom from 2 Samuel 15 and Psalm 3, we will learn that even when it seems like God has abandoned you, don’t be mistaken. We can always place our confidence and trust in our forever faithful and present Savior Jesus even when our hopes, plans and prayers aren’t being answered as we desire.

Pastor Keith