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Those of you who are die-hard college football fans know the name Lou Holtz. He’s the former Arkansas, Minnesota, Notre Dame, and South Carolina head coach who often says that the key to success is remembering the letters W-I-N when making choices. These letters stand for: “What’s Important Now?” Asking this simple question helps us determine priorities and ensures that we concentrate on first things first. Churches need to ask this same question – what’s important now? There are so many things we could be doing, but what should we be doing? What is the first priority? What is most important for Family of Christ Lutheran Church right now?

The answer is the same today as when Jesus walked on this earth. Just before He ascended into heaven, Jesus gave the church its marching orders. He identified the W-I-N priority for us when He pointedly declared in Matthew 28:19, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” The church is still in the disciple-making business. This hasn’t changed, and until Jesus returns it never will. So it’s time to stop wringing our hands wondering what we should be doing. Our mission is clear: go and make disciples! Today we will unfold our strategy (our church’s new mission statement) that will enable us to effectively carry out the Great Commission: “Meet Jesus. Make Friends. Make a Difference.” 

Pastor Keith 

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